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Disrupting today’s drug development cycle to generate 10X gain in time-to-market, cost reduction and efficiency

We solve following problems in the Pharma

focusing on Drug creation cycle powered by Blockchain:


With growing demands, managing pharmaceutical workflows have become more complex.


Researching and testing new drugs is now loaded with inefficiencies, from compliance issues to missing deadlines.

Business process

Pharma competences & processes geared to risk minimization at expense of speed & flexibility


is an expensive and all too real issue looming over pharmaceutical companies across the globe.


big drugmakers spend more than $2.5 billion to get a new medicine to patients.

Low rate of success

Just one of every 10 therapies that enters human clinical trials makes it to the pharmacy, and one of 10-15k from Discovery

Slow science progress

In the 20 years since the human genome was sequenced, researchers have found treatments for a tiny fraction of the 7,000 known rare diseases.
Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch
Matt O’Neill
In the future we will face personalized, cheaper, and more efficient drugs to be introduced on the market without being tested on actual humans for years

Enabling 10x gain in Drug cycle

by applying Open Innovation methods:

Main business benefits from our solution

Paradigm of 50%

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